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            Jobs Number Treatment Place Date Details

            • R&D Engineer 1人 Negotiable Changzhou Ciry 2020/12/19 Details

              Number:1人 Treatment:Negotiable Place:Changzhou Ciry Date:2020/12/19 Contact:Miss.Xu Phone:0519-85166088 Place:No.18,Hua Shan Road,New District,Changzhou,Jiangsu


              1. Responsible for module related new technologies, new materials and new technology research;
              2. Responsible for the establishment of module related design standards;
              3. Responsible for module development of new product development and management;
              4. Responsible for the major customer new product development project lead and promote;
              5. Responsible for the promotion and management of national projects;
              6. Responsible for communication and coordination with production, quality protection, sales and other departments.


              1. Electrical electronics, semiconductors or related majors, bachelor degree or above, engaged in research and development work experience in related industries for more than 2 years;
              2. Proficient in using AUTOCAD, Solidworks, CFD, ANSYS software, familiar with simulation software;
              3. Has a strong product research and development ability, project management ability; Good oral, written and oral English;
              4. Have the communication coordination ability, planning and implementation ability and teamwork ability;
              5. Both talented and  pragmatic, pioneering and innovative; High comprehensive quality, good personal quality.


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